Is your pickup truck already covered with a truck cap? Great! When it comes to customizing your truck, you have endless options. Stop by Triangle Campers in Winston Salem today and we will help you determine what truck accessories you need to bring your vision for your truck to life!
Truck Accessories Winston Salem

Everyone loves a big truck, but often they are difficult to get in and out of because they’re so tall. Solve all those problems with custom running boards for your truck. Even if it’s easy for you, you may have friends and family who need that extra step to easily maneuver around your big truck! You can choose from different types of running boards, some even automatically fold up and down as you need them.

Adding window visors to your truck or van will allow you to open your windows, even if it’s raining a little outside. Window Visors are a guard attached above your windows to prevent rain, snow, or even debris from coming into your vehicle when your window is down. Is your vehicle feeling stuffy in the rain? Just crack a window for some fresh air without worrying about the rain drops smacking you in the face or damaging the interior of your vehicle.

Not all trucks come with a trailer hitch already attached, so if you bought your truck to haul things around in a trailer, you will need a hitch. Or if your truck did come with a standard hitch, you may need a heavy-duty trailer hitch to handle everything you need to tow. In addition to selling various trailer hitches for your truck, we also properly wire and install the hitch so you know the other drivers behind you can clearly see your turn indicators and other lights while on the road.

If you plan to transport heavy duty equipment or trailers, you will need a Gooseneck Hitch or 5th Wheel Hitch. Both Gooseneck Hitches and 5th Wheel Hitches are anchored to the bed of your truck, rather than extending from the end of it. A Gooseneck hitch establishes a connection with your vehicle with a hitch ball whereas a 5th Wheel Hitch establishes a connection with a wheel-shaped plate. Both increase the towing capacity of your vehicle without compromising mobility.

We offer a variety of tonneau covers, or truck caps, for your pickup truck. Whether you want a folding, roll up, or retractable truck cover, hard top or soft top, we have it all. Simply explain to us why you need a truck cap for your vehicle and we will suggest the best type of tonneau cover for your specific needs. You can also learn more about the truck caps we offer here at Triangle Campers by clicking here!

Typically when you purchase a new truck, it does not come with a bedliner. This allows you the opportunity to choose what type of bedliner will best fit your specific needs. We offer both plastic and carpet bedliners that will protect your vehicle from damage. Bed liners provide protection for every surface in your truck bed. You’ll never worry about whether the refrigerator you’re transporting will leave deep scratches on your new truck bed if it shifts during delivery. Truck bed liners also make it easy to clean out the back of your truck. Typically, truck bed liners are installed permanently or semi-permanently to protect your truck’s bed for the long haul.

When you find yourself carrying a lot of cargo in the back of your truck, cargo that can slide around in the bed of your truck, you may consider investing in a truck bed mat. These mats will prevent your cargo from shifting and scratching or causing other damage to the bed of your truck. These truck bed mats differ from truck bed liners because they only cover the bottom of your truck bed. They do not extend up the sides. Pair your truck bed mat with a tailgate mat to protect the surfaces of your truck bed when you are carrying boxes or other items in the back.

Ladder Racks are useful to add to your new truck if your work or a hobby requires you carry one with you often. The ladder rack extends up from the truck bed, or attaches to the roof of your cargo van, to provide secure transportation for your ladders. This also increases the storage space you have in the back of your truck. Whether you need a ladder rack for your pickup truck or work service van, we can suggest the right ladder rack for your needs and install it for you.

Storage products

  • Tool boxes
  • Cargo bars
  • Cargo nets
  • Under seat storage
  • Behind seat storage
  • Truck bed storage
  • Bed Rails


  • Stationary
  • Pop-up
  • In track system
Truck Accessories Running Boards & Step Boards

If you’re interested in upgrading the storage capabilities of your pickup truck, we’ve got you covered!



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